Prof Daniel Brison PhD, FRCPath

Honorary Professor

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Research interests

Human embryo research:

  • Single embryo and single cell transcriptome and epigenome profiling of human embryo development
  • Regulation of metabolism and cell fate in early human development
  • human embryo implantation using in in vitro model systems
  • The impact of the environment on early human development and implantation

Assisted reproduction research:

  • Outcomes of assisted reproduction treatment
  • Assessing the impact of new technologies in assisted reproduction
  • The growth and long term health of children born by assisted reproduction 
  • The impact of cryopreservation on the developmental competence of human oocytes

Sperm research:

  • The impact of environmental and lifestyle exposures on male fertility and sperm DNA
  • Sperm micromotors for detection and treatment of ovarian cancer
  • The impact of the male contraceptive pill on sperm quality

Stem cell research

  • Generation of clinical grade embryonic stem cells suitable for clinical transplantation
  • Proteomic and metabolomic analysis of embryonic stem cell growth and differentiation to chondrocyte


Research and projects

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