Prof D Gareth Evans MB BS MD FRCP FLSW FRCOG ad eundem

Professor in Med Genetics and Cancer Epi

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Research interests

The main focus of research has been on genetic predisposition to breast cancer and type 2 neurofibromatosis. I have developed a national clinical and molecular database for NF2 which has become an invaluable research tool being the largest such database worldwide. We have also collected the largest number of breast cancer families UK wide which has meant we are the biggest contributor to a number of national breast cancer research initiatives (FBOC, EMBRACE, MARIBS, IMPACT). The focus of my research is moving away from clinical pattern recognition and gene identification towards cancer prevention. With Professor Howell we are setting up a major programme for breast cancer prevention in Manchester. This involves development of surrogate markers. As our clinical work has provided the largest number of families with known high risk breast cancer gene defects we are likely to lead prevention strategies in the UK from now on. Use of high tech MRI will also allow the proper assessment of non-surgical intervention in the treatment of benign brain tumours, with work in collaboration with Professor Jackson.


Research and projects

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