Dr Craig Webb

Senior Lecturer of Microeconomic Theory

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Current Teaching

I am currently the lecturer for the following courses:

  • ECON10171 Microeconomic Analysis 1 (1st Year Undergraduate)
  • ECON30001 Advanced Microeconomics (3rd Year Undergraduate)
  • ECON80041 Advanced Microeconomic Theory (PhD level)
  • ECON80150 Advanced Topics in Microeconomic Theory (PhD level)

Previous Teaching

I have previously lectured or taken classes for the following courses:

  • ECON20000 Managerial Economics I
  • ECON20351 Microeconomics IIA (2nd Year Undergraduate)
  • ECON20352 Microeconomics IIB (2nd Year Undergraduate).
  • ECON30600 Microeconomics III (3rd Year Undergraduate).
  • ECON31001 Managerial Economics II (3rd Year Undergraduate).