Prof Colette Fagan

Vice-President for Research, Professor

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Research interests

Key words: sociology of work and employment, working time, gender relations, comparative research.

Colettes research focus is on work and employment, with particular interests in gender relations and inequalities in the workplace and domestic life; in international comparisons of employment and living conditions in industrialised economies; and the topic of time. She is interested in theoretical and empirically-informed developments in these areas of study and in policy evaluation and impact assessment.

Much of her work is concerned with the comparative institutional or societal systems analysis of employment and welfare systems and how these institutional configurations shape and can transform the pattern of gender relations and inequalities found in different societies. Her research includes studies of Britain and other EU member states, and some comparisons with the USA and Australia. She has researched national differences and trends in gender segregation and pay gaps; working-time and other working conditions; social protection systems; family/community responsibilities for the care work of children and elders; equal opportunities policies and gender mainstreaming. Many of her projects are inter-disciplinary collaborations on international comparative projects.

Her current research has two foci:

  • Working-time, work-family policies and the re-shaping of gender and class relations: state and company-level policies and social partnership innovations; working-time practices (in organizations and households); individual working-time preferences.
  • Gender mainstreaming of the EU employment and social inclusion policy.

She is interested in developing or supervising research in the following directions:

  • Household patterns of time-use and family responsibilities (including gender inequalities and the conditions under which egalitarian parenting develop; older households).
  • The impact of the ageing population on social and economic life.

Research projects

Colette is currently undertaking or writing up the following research projects funded under open competition awards

  • ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (phase 3) award - 'Which fathers are involved in looking after their children? Identifying the conditions associated with paternal involvement' (2016-2017) Co-I with Dr Helen Norman (PI) and Professor Mark Elliot (Co-I) 
  • University of Manchester Research Institute (UMRI) (2013) - Women in Science: Characterising and Understanding the Gendered Nature of Scientific Leadership (PI with Professor Karen Hassell)
  • EC FP6 Network of Excellence 'RECWOWE - reconciling work and welfare in Europe (2006-11). Network coordinated by Professor Denis Bouget (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme - Nantes, France).
  • The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions ‘Working Conditions of women and men: towards higher gender equality? Analysis of the European Working Conditions Surveys’ (2007 with Brendan Burchell and Mark Smith)
  • The ‘European Establishment Survey on Working-Time’  (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2006-07 & design of second forthcoming survey, 2008-9
  • Coordinator of the European Commission’s 'Network of experts on gender equality in employment and social inclusion’ (2004-07, with Jill Rubery and Janneke Plantenga) and 2008- Senior Advisor to the Coordination and UK expert for the 'Network of experts on gender equality in employment' & Senior Advisor to the Coordination for the 'Network of experts on gender equality and social inclusion


Research and projects

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