Prof Claire Alexander

Professor of Sociology

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I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students considering a degree in my area of research  interests.

Current students

  • Julia Ennoka (Manchester) (adoption and fostering)
  • Zahra Aliyah (Manchester) (safeguarding youth and PREVENT)
  • Hannah Haycox (Manchester) (Refugee policy and resettlement in Britain)

Recent students

  • Karis Campion (Manchester) ‘Making Mixed Race: Time, Place and Identities in Birmingham’
  • Ajmal Hussain (Manchester) ‘Muslims in the Metropolis: an ethnographic study of Muslim-making in a 21st Century British City'
  • Sebastian Juhnke (Manchester) '"Locating the Creative Class: Diversity and Urban Change in London and Berlin”
  • Kjartan Sveinsson (LSE)‘Swimming against the tide: trajectories and experiences of migration of Nigerian doctors in England’
  • Sanjiv Lingayah (LSE) ‘Reading Between the Lines: contours of multiculture, nation and race equality in policy discourse across the New Labour period’
  • Andreea Torre (LSE) ‘Migrant Lives: a comparative study of work, family and belonging among low wage Romanian migrant workers in Rome and London
  • Malcolm James (LSE/ESRC) Migrant youth cultures and conflict in East London
  • Victoria Redclift (LSE) ‘Histories of displacement and the creation of political space: Statelessness and citizenship in Bangladesh'
  • Helen Kim (LSE) ‘’Desis Doing it Like This’ Diaspora and Spaces of the Asian Music Scene in London’