Dr Christopher Rundle

Honorary Research Fellow

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Research interests

Historical research on Translation
Translation history is currently my main area of interest. I have recently launched a new Routledge Research book series on Translation and Interpreting History, which I co-edit with Michaela Wolf and Pekka Kujamäki. I am also editing the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Translation History (due to be published in 2020). I am also co-editing, with  Anne Lange and Daniele Monticelli, the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of the History of Translation Studies. I have published a number of articles on the subject and have recently edited Special Issue of the journal The Translator on “Theories and Methodologies of Translation History” (Volume 20, No 1: 2014).

Translation under Communism
Following on from the Translation under Fascism volume (2010), I am currently co-editing a sister volume also to be published by Palgrave Macmillan on Translation under Communism. My co-editors are Anne Lange and Daniele Monticelli. The volume brings together a group of international scholars with studies on the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

Translation under Fascism
The bulk of my past research has been on translation in Fascist Italy. My aim has been to shed light on the way which translation, in this ideological context, was seen as a threat to the Fascist cultural project; and to show how translation was perceived as a sign of weakness in the regime. I have published a number of articles on this theme as well as the monograph Publishing Translations in Fascist Italy (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010), which is about to be published in Italian with the title Il vizio dell’esterofilia (Rome: Carocci, forthcoming in 2019).

Together with Kate Sturge, I have also edited a collection of essays on the theme of translation in fascist regimes entitled Translation Under Fascism (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) which brings together studies by a group of international scholars on Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Francoist Spain and Salazarist Portugal. The aim of the volume is to try and introduce the study of translation into the historiography of fascism and highlight the contribution we feel this has to make to the understanding of fascism and its cultural policies.

SDH Project: Television Subtitles for the Deaf and HoH
I coordinated a research project into television subtitling for the deaf and HoH in Italy, entitled SDH Project (www.sdhproject.net). The project designed a series of quality guidelines tailored to the Italian market that take into consideration both the realistic possibilities of the suppliers of these services and the legitimate expectations of their beneficiaries.

Subtitler training
For a number of years I coordinated a research project on subtitling practices in Italy (www.subtitleproject.net), with a view to informing our training practices. I published an article on the project in the Interpreter and Translator Trainer (2008, Vol 2 No.1).


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