Mr Christopher Perkins

Honorary Reader

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Postgraduate opportunities

I am interested in supervising PhDs that reflect my research interests, in particular focusing upon playful mapping and ethnographies of contemporary mapping practice and island studies.


Kate McLean: (Joint with Royal College of Art from 2013) Smell Maps as Cartographic Portraits of Sensory Perception in the Urban Environment.

Amy Barron ESRC Doctoral Collage Funded 2016- The age friendly city: more than representational practice

Amy Mulvenna School/Faculty funded 2016-  Post conflct mapping across sectarian divides

Dan Evans ESRC Doctoral College 1+ 3 funded 2015- White masculinities

Lauren Greeley ESRC Doctoral College 1+3 funded  2017-  Following the smell: performing perfume

Esteban Arevalo Maldonado External Ecuadorian scholarship 2017- Historical mapping browsers


Jennifer O'Brien: Conceiving maternal child healthscapes in rural Uganda, PhD, School of Environment and Development Graduate Teaching Fellowship (GTF) (with N Coe) (PhD 2011)

E. Ann Gardiner: The role of the tactile map in environmental education and recreation (PhD 2001).

Taki Sonbli: (From 2011) Lead Supervisor The politics and practices of planning mapping in the Middle East. (Phd 2016)

Alex Gecker: (Joint with University of Utrecht and University of Warwick) Digital mapping interfaces as casual, navigational, political devices. (PhD 2016)

Samuel Hind: (Joint with University of Warwick and University of Utrecht) Digital mapping technologies and the co-production of protest events. (PhD 2016)

Clancy Wilmott: (SED Studentship from 2012) Lead Supervisor Placing mobile mapping: technology and the global city. (PHD 2017)