Prof C J Armitage BA(Hons), PhD, C Psychol, AFBPSs

Chair in Health Psychology

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Current/Recent Research Funding

P Dawes, CJ Armitage, KJ Munro, C Plack, D Moore, & J Ginsborg. Time to face the music: Addressing hearing health in future professional musicians. The Colt Foundation (Jan 2016-Dec 2018): £152,329.

I Leroi, CJ Armitage & 36 others. Ears, Eyes and Mind: The ‘SENSE-Cog Project’ to improve mental well-being for elderly Europeans with sensory impairment. European Commission Horizon 2020 (Nov 2015-Oct 2020) €6 541 591.25

L Byrne-Davis, CJ Armitage, R Emsley, & J Hart. Supporting health partnerships in changing professional practice. The Tropical Health and Education Trust (Sep 2015-Mar 2017): £108,826.

P Callery, CJ Armitage + 6 others. ACORN: Improving orAl health in Cleft lip and/Or palate: a health pRomotion iNtervention for children and parents. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit (Sep 2014-May 2016) £339 774

CJ Armitage, K Munro & M O'Driscoll. Improving auditory outcomes using health behavioural approaches. Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust (May 2014-Sept 2015. £24 424

CJ Armitage, P Bower, & D Ashcroft. MINIMA: Minimal intervention to improve medication adherence.NIHR Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre core budget (Jan 2014-Mar 2015) £68 593

CJ Armitage & DP French.  A brief psychological intervention to promote physical activity.  North American Foundation for the University of Manchester (Oct 2014-Sept 2017)  £29 000

I Jacobs, CJ Armitage, B Borrelli, DP French, S Skevington & A Wearden.  Developing a programme of cancer research.  Cancer Research UK (Sept 2013-Aug 2016) £300 000.

M Conner, CJ Armitage + 4 others. Smoking prevention in young people: A cluster randomised controlled trial of implementation intentions. Medical Research Council  (May 2012-Dec 2016) £1 211 802.

RC O'Connor, CJ Armitage + 4 others. A volitional help sheet to reduce hospital treated self-harm: A randomised controlled trial. Chief Scientist’s Office, Scotland (Mar 2012-Feb 2015) £224 865

MS Hawley, CJ Armitage + 18 others. Overcoming barriers to mainstreaming of Assisted Living Technologies. Technology Strategy Board (Mar 2011-Nov 2014) £1 710 000

Research Interests: Psychological Intervention and Behaviour Change

1) The development and testing of brief interventions that draw on psychological theories, including: transtheoretical model, theory of planned behaviour, self-determination theory, self-affirmation theory and the Rubicon model.

2) Changing behaviours, including: alcohol consumption, weight management, dietary intake, oral health, self-harm, physical activity, use of telehealth, screening, smoking, antisocial behaviour, safe sex and drug use.

3) Among diverse populations, including: people with low socioeconomic status, children and adolescents, clinical and nonclinical samples.

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