Dr Christine Schmidt

BBSRC David Phillips Fellow and Dean's Prize Early Career Researcher

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Media contributions and coverage

Media coverage of our 2016 ACS Nano paper 'Molecular Insights into Division of Single Human Cancer Cells in On-Chip Transparent Microtubes'.

ACS (June 2016)

Sciencenews (June 2016)


Nature Cell Biology News & Views article referring to our 2015 Nature Cell Biology paper 'Systematic E2 screening reveals a UBE2D-RNF138-CtIP axis promoting DNA repair'.

Nature Cell Biology News & Views (October 2015)


Front cover art of our 2014 NANOLetters paper 'Rolled-up functionized nanomembranes as three-dimensional cavities for single cell studies'.

NANOLetters front Cover Art (August 2014)

Media coverage and contribution