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My academic career history is complicated by two changes of surname, I graduated from my first degree as Christine Askew, my PhD and publications are under the name Christine Lowe and I am now Christine Rogers. 

I graduated from Liverpool University in 1993 with BA(Hons) in Psychology and began a Research Assistant post with Professor Patrick Rabbitt who was Director of the Age and Cognitive Research Perforamance Centre at the University of Manchester and progressed to study for a PhD in 1994.

My PhD was funded by a Wellcome Trust Prize Scholarship. This work was supervised by Professor Rabbitt and was titled: An investigation of the 'frontal lobe model' of cognitive ageing. I was awarded the PhD in 1998 and I subsequently worked on two Wellcome funded Research Projects as a post-doctoral Research Associate, again working with Pat Rabbitt.

I was awarded a Research Fellowship in 2003 by the charity Research into Ageing with funding from the Dunhill Medical Trust. This award was to carry out a research project investigating memory impairments in Semantic Dementia and Herpes Simplex Encephalitis in collaboration with Professor Matt Lambon Ralph.

I changed my career focus from research to teaching in 2005 and and I am currently a Reader in Psychology and Deputy Associate Dean for Student Experience in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. 

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