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We are always looking for people interested in joining the lab. In the first instance, please send me an email and CV outlining your interests and experience.

PhD opportunities

Current opportunities I’m involved with, advertised at findaPhD.com, should be listed below. These are mostly via the University of Manchester’s BBSRC, MRC and NERC doctoral training partnerships. If you have access to other sources of funding, get in touch and/or consider the available project outlined below.

Fellowship and postdoc opportunities

If you're interested in applying for a fellowship to work with us, there is a range of possible funding sources, both external (e.g. Wellcome Trust, Royal Society, BBSRC, NERC, HFSP and EU) and internal (e.g. look out for repeats of this).

PhD project: Mutations in space

Spontaneous mutation supplies the raw material for evolution, but we find that the rate at which it occurs can vary with the environment in non-obvious ways. Most of what we know about variation in mutation rates comes from microbes growing in shaken liquid cultures. These environments have little spatial structure. However, in many, ‘real’ environments, from soil to skin, spatial structure really matters. Using a range of techniques for estimating and modifying mutation rates in model microbes, the student will determine how space matters for that fundamental first step of evolution – does mutation rate change with the degree of spatial structure? Does the association of mutation rate with population density hold for spatially structured environments? What genes are required? Training will be provided in necessary skills, but the student would ideally have a background in biology or genetics with computational skills and a keen interest in evolution.

PhD opportunities