Prof Chris Klingenberg Lic Phil Nat, PhD


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Over my career, I have taught a wide range of courses centred on organisms (zoology, entomology) or concept- or methods-based couorses (systematics, evolution, morphometrics).

My main emphasis in teaching is in morphometrics. I teach an annual online course available to students at the University of Manchester and external participants from all over the world, which provides an introduction of the theory and practice of biological shape analysis (see more information on this course on the university web site or my course web page).

I also teach lectures, practicals and tutorials in the Anatomical Sciences programme and I take part in enquiry-based learning for dental students.

In addition to the teaching at the University of Manchester, I regularly teach workshops on geometric morpholometrics in various locations, worldwide. Many of these workshops are announced on the Stony Brook morphometrics web site and via the web site of Transmitting Science.