Prof Charles Streuli MA, PhD

Emeritus Professor

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Student Theses

  1. 2019
  2. Characterization of the focal adhesion interactome

    Author: Hohensee, T., 1 Aug 2019

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Gilmore, A. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  3. 2018
  4. The role of the extracellular matrix in regulating the mammary circadian clock

    Author: Williams, J., 1 Aug 2018

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Meng, Q. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  5. 2017
  6. CD200R Regulates Neutrophil Function in Health and Disease

    Author: Fife, M., 1 Aug 2017

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Hussell, T. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  7. 2016
  8. The Role of β1-integrin in Mammary Stem and Progenitor Fate

    Author: Olabi, S., 31 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Brennan, K. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  9. 2015
  10. The role of β1-integrin in normal and oncogene-mediated proliferation in breast epithelia

    Author: Moreno Layseca, P., 1 Aug 2015

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Wellbrock, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  11. 2014
  12. Investigating the role of Integrin Linked Kinase in mammary epithelial cell differentiation

    Author: Rooney, N., 1 Aug 2014

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor) & Ballestrem, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  13. Proteomic and phosphoproteomic analysis of signalling by adhesion and growth factor receptors in mammary epithelial cells

    Author: Paul, N., 1 Aug 2014

    Supervisor: Humphries, M. J. (Supervisor) & Streuli, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  14. 2013
  15. Extracellular matrix regulation of microRNA expression in mammary epithelial cells.

    Author: Brackenbury, L., 1 Aug 2013

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  16. 2011
  17. The role of Beta1 integrins in the control of Mammary Epithelial Cell proliferation

    Author: Jeanes, A., 1 Aug 2011

    Supervisor: Streuli, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd