Prof Charles Mccollum

Emeritus Professor

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

  • Professor.Anthony Heagerty, Professor of Medicine and Head of Cardiovascular Sciences Research Group, University of Manchester
  • Dr.Simon Ray, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director, Cardiology Department, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
  • Dr.Brendan Davies, Consultant Neurologist, North Staffordshire Neurosciences Centre, Stoke on Trent
  • Dr.Charles Sherrington, Consultant Neurologist, Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre, Hope Hospital, Manchester
  • Professor. Gary Macfarlane, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  • Dr.William Newman, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Clinical Genetist, University of Manchester
  • Mrs.Julie Morris, Head of Medical Statistics, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
  • Dr.Paul Rolan, Professor of Pharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician Headache Clinic, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Prof Alistair Burns (Professor of Psychiatry)
  • Dr Sandip Mitra (Nephrologist Manchester Royal Infirmary)
  • Prof Alan Jackson (Neuroradiology)
  • Dr Ismail Mohammed (Nephrology)
  • Dr Andrew Mortimer, Consultant Anaesthetist, UHSM
  • Dr Oliver Hill, Consultant Anaesthestist, UHSM
  • Mr Peter Kay, Wrightington Hospital
  • Mr Nassar Kurdy, Department of Orthopaedics, UHSM
  • Mr Darren Walter, Emergency Medicine, UHSM
  • Dr Tilak Dias and his team in the School of Materials
  • Dr Linda Davies, Centre for Health Economics
  • Professor David Mitchell, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Professor Simon Thompson, Public Health & Primary Care, Cambridge
  • Professor Matt Thompson, St George's, London
  • Dr Peter Elton, Director of Public Health, Bury