Dr Catharine Abell


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My main areas of research specialisation are the philosophy of art and the philosophy of language. Much of my research combines these two, investigating the extent to which pragmatic theories of language can help us understand representation and expression in art, especially the visual arts. I am also interested in using theories in social ontology to help understand the nature of art and the nature of fiction.

My research concentrates on issues concerning the representational arts. I am interested in the nature of depiction (a.k.a. pictorial representation), the nature of expression in the representational arts, what it is for something to be an artwork, the nature of fiction, and what styles and genres are and their effects on the interpretation and evaluation of representational artworks.

I am also interested in the representation and expression of emotions. I was co-investigator, with Joel Smith, on the AHRC project Knowledge of Emotion, which investigated how we can know the emotional states of others. 


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