Dr Carolyn JP Jones PhD, DMedSc

Honorary Research Fellow

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Research interests

  • Glycosylation and ultrastructure of the fetomaternal interface
  • Comparative placentology
  • Ultrastructure and glycosylation of normal and endometriotic endoemtrium  

Research interests:

My main research interests lie in the fields of morphology and glycobiology with respect to the placenta and endometrium. I am currently engaged on a multicentre study of endometriosis, using material from women both locally and also from Italy. By examining the changes in the structure of the endometrial glands and alterations in their biochemistry, we are hoping to understand the aetiology of this disease and thereby suggest new forms of treatment.

I also have a long-standing interest in comparative placentology in which I examine the fetomaternal interface with respect to the different chemical molecules that are expressed there, and how these have changed during the course of evolution. This is of particular interest where related animals have diverged many thousands of years ago and occupy different geographical locations, such as the camel (old world) and alpaca (new world). This work is important in understanding some aspects of implantation and the relationship between the glycosylation of the placenta in relation to successful attachment and development within the uterus. It can also help elucidate evolutionary relationships between different groups of animals which are at present unclear.

As well as my own particular interests I run a service in electron microscopy and provide an area of expertise for members of our own research group and others within the University.

Methodological knowledge

I have over 40 years experience in electron microscopy and almost 25 years working in lectin histochemistry. Both these areas of expertise are now highly valued and therefore I am frequently consulted and invited to collaborate by scientists from all over the world.


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