Dr Caroline Jay


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Research interests

Using empirical methods to improve and innovate in:

  • Health Science and Medicine
  • Creative Media and Television
  • Knowledge Representation and Software Engineering

Caroline's research focuses on software engineering and human-computer interaction, combining her expertise in computer science and psychology.

She is interested in interaction modelling, particularly in challenging situations: in the wild; when the user's task is unknown; when more than one device is in use.

She is currently working with the BBC as PI of Implicit Device Interaction project (EP/M017133/1) and CI of the Synchronised Attention knowledge exchange project (EP/K503782/1-RMS99537).

Other research

Grants and Projects

  • IDInteraction: Capturing Indicative Usage Models in Software for Implicit Device Interaction.EP/M017133/1 (PI)
  • Data-driven Eye Movement Analysis of Artwork. EPSRC IAA and Manchester Art Gallery (PI)
  • Data Science Meets Creative Media: Building Links between the University of Manchester and the BBC. UMRI Pump-Priming Programme (PI)
  • Instilling the Mechanics of Software Engineering through Experience. EPS Strategic Fund (PI)
  • The Living Room Experience. EPS Strategic Fund and the BBC (PI)
  • Gaze Modelling for Time Series Medical Data. EPS Strategic Fund and Fastbleep (PI)
  • CityVerve. Innovate UK (CI)
  • WhatIf: Answering 'What if..?' Questions for Ontology Authoring. EP/J014176/1 (CI)
  • Synchronized Attention Grant. EPSRC IAA and the BBC (CI)
  • Towards a Mobile Health Device for Day-to-Day Monitoring of Parkinson's Disease. MRC Confidence in Concept (CI)
  • How is Britain Breathing? Using Citizens as Sensors to Improve Public Health. HeRC PPI Scheme and British Society for Immunology (CI)
  • Early Stage Scoping into the Application of Living Documentation for a Digital Approval System. EPSRC IAA and Digital ID (CI)
  • A Feasibility Study into Visual Attention Models for Exploring Complex Information EP/D036518/1(Researcher-CI)


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