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Carole Goble’s research is on knowledge and information management, distributed information systems and interoperability of applications and new ways of doing in silico science, scientific publication and curation.

She is a leader of the UK’s e-Science programme, working for over a decade on information solutions for scientists, in particular Clinicians and Life Scientists. She co-directs Manchester's e-Science Centre and is a principle investigator of the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute-UK.

Her main objective is to enable Scientists and Citizens to better  access, find and link their information and their resources. Her Scientific collaborations have recently focused on Systems Biology and e-Laboratories for health.

She is well known for her work on semantic technologies, metadata, ontologies, workflow management systems, Virtual Research Environments for groups of scientists and semantically enabled middleware and curation. She has also worked on hypermedia and web accessibility.

Workflow Management Systems (WfMS): as director of the myGrid project she has developed the highly popular and widely used Taverna Workflow Workbench . Her research into WfMS includes: provenance management; workflow reuse and repurposing; and semantic-based service discovery and composition.

Virtual Research Environments: Carole is developing the myExperiment social networking and collaboration platform for workflow using e-Scientists. Her research interests include: new ways of publishing scientific results of all kinds; mass curation;  and the analysis of social interaction to better support workflow exchange and development and improve Scientific practices.

Carole works on Grid and Web middleware. In particular she is interested in the use of Web 2.0 technologies for distributed information management, and enabling middleware to be easier to use and deploy. 

 The Semantic Web is the enrichment of the Web with metadata such that it can be more readily processed  by machines as well as people. Carole works on the use of Semantic Web techniques for representing ontologies in Science; applying semantic web approaches to data integration and management, workflow systems, and resource discovery. She developed one of the first ontologies for describing real Web services and the TAMBIS ontology mediated integration system for bioinformatics. She pioneered the use of ontologies to dynamically author hypermedia links in the COHSE system.

The Semantic Grid is the enrichment of the Grid and Grid applications with explicit metadata such that it can be more readily processed and shared amongst applications. Carole is a pioneer of the Semantic Grid. She proposed the first Reference Architecture for the Semantic Grid, S-OGSA.

Carole is also interested in social commentary on how scientists and technologists work together. She has given very popular talks on these topics including the likening of knowledge representation specialists and biologists to the Montagues and Capulets; and highlighting the Seven Deadly Sins of bioinformatics. She is currently developing the idea of the Selfish Scientist.




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