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Carlo’s main area of research is in the area of education and poverty and educational equity in urban contexts. He is grant holder for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation projects Adult and Tertiary Education and Poverty – a review and Education and Poverty – a critical review of theory, policy and practice; a co-applicant on the ESRC seminar series “Bridging the Structure/Agency Divide: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Disadvantage and Education” and has been involved in numerous other externally funded and research and development projects that focus on schools and education in areas of urban disadvantage. His publications have recently featured in the British Journal of Educational Studies; Journal of Education Policy, British Journal of the Sociology of Education and the International Journal of Inclusive Education. He is the lead editor of the internationally distinguished book “Education and Poverty in Affluent countries”, author of the monograph “Improving Educational Equity in Urban Contexts”, both published by Routledge and co-author of “Education, Disadvantage and Place – Making the local matter”published by Policy Press and “Responding to Poverty and Disadvantage in Schools: A Reader for Teachers” published by Palgrave Macmillan


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