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Professor Bryan Lukas is Associate Head of Research and Chair of Marketing at the University of Manchester’s Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS). He also is the Academic Director of the Audi LEAD programme in the School’s executive education portfolio and is serving a three-year term as American Marketing Association (AMA) Academic Council member. 

Bryan’s research interests are in the field of marketing management and strategy, with a particular focus on brands and new products. He is known for his view that marketing needs to have a louder voice in company boardrooms and be given more strategic responsibilities. His research has appeared in premier peer-reviewed research publications, such as Journal of MarketingJournal of ManagementJournal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceJournal of Service ResearchJournal of Retailing and Journal of Product Innovation Management. Bryan also is a textbook co-author of Marketing Principles (Cengage, in its 3rd edition), Marketing Research (McGraw-Hill, in its 4th edition) and Marketing Management (John Wiley & Sons).

Bryan is the recipient of a Best Services Article award and three Best Paper awards from the American Marketing Association, as well as two Best Paper awards from the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Association. He serves as an editorial board member of Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Business Research and has been on the editorial board of Journal of Marketing (2012-2018) and Journal of International Business Studies (2004-2007). 

As an executive educator, Bryan has delivered university programs and in-house marketing training on a variety of topics, including marketing strategy, marketing management, brand management and strategy, brand equity measurement, strategic marketing planning, competitor analysis, value proposition development, market research as well as segmentation and positioning. He has taught over 1000 executives and is the recipient of 16 teaching awards.

As a consulting academic, Bryan has been an advisor to executives in a variety of manufacturing industries and service sectors. He also has provided expert evidence and made statutory declarations related to a number of legal proceedings and trademark applications. 

Selected Publications

Lukas, Bryan A., Gregory J. Whitwell, and Jan B. Heide (2013), “Why Do Customers Get More Than They Need? How Organizational Culture Shapes Product Capability Decisions”, Journal of Marketing, 77 (1), 1-12. 

Lukas, Bryan A., J. Justin Tan, and G. Tomas. M. Hult (2001), ”Strategic Fit in Transitional Economies: The Case of China’s Electronics Industry,” Journal of Management, 27 (4), 409-429.

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Homburg, Christian, Jan Wieseke, Bryan A. Lukas, and Sven Mikolon (2011), “When Salespeople Develop Negative Headquarters Stereotypes: Performance Effects and Managerial Remedies”, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 39 (5), 664-682.

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Gruner, Richard L., Arnd Vomberg, Christian Homburg, and Bryan A. Lukas (2018), “Supporting New Product Launches with Social Media Communication and Online Advertising: Sales Volume and Profit Implications”, Journal of Product Innovation Management, (forthcoming).

Karpen, Ingo O., Liliana L. Bove, and Bryan A. Lukas (2012), “Linking Service-dominant Logic and Strategic Business Practice: A Conceptual Model of A Service-dominant Orientation”, Journal of Service Research, 15 (1), 21-38. Recipient of the “2012 AMA Best Services Article Award” [The “AMA Best Services Article Award” is presented annually by SERVSIG to the author(s) of the best article in the service literature published during the previous calendar year]. Also “Best Article” award-finalist for articles published in Journal of Service Research in 2012.

Merlo, Omar, Bryan A. Lukas, and Gregory J. Whitwell (2012), “Marketing’s Reputation and Influence in the Firm”, Journal of Business Research, 65 (3), 446-452.

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