Prof Bridget Byrne

Professor of Sociology

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Research interests

Bridget's main research interests are in the area of citizenship, race, class, gender and education.

Her book White Lives. The Interplay of 'race', class and gender in everyday life (Routledge 2006) was based on extensive research on the construction of white identity in Britain, looking at the experience of white mothers of young children in two areas of London. This also involved examining the changing constructions of British and English national identities.

Making Citizens: Public Rituals, Celebrations and Contestations of Citizenship, (Palgrave, 2014) was based on research funded by Leverhulme Fellowship and a small grant from the British Academy. It examined the representations of nation and migration in citizenship ceremonies across the UK and in Australia, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands and Ireland. It also explored new UK citizens' experiences of migration and perceptions of whether they were welcomed to the UK.

In an ESRC-funded project Bridget (working with Carla deTona) examined parental approaches to secondary school choice in order to explore the ways in which space and locality impact on identity, in particular through research on the racialised and classed nature of school catchment areas. Alongside various articles, this research is currenlty being written up in a book: All in the Mix: race, class and school choice (MUP, 2018)

Bridget is co-investigator in CoDE (Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity and Inequality), funded by the ESRC. She is particlarly interested in the lived experience of race and ethnicity and the ways in which place is narrated through race.