Prof Bob Eden

Honorary Professor Well Integrity and Geomicrobiology

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Budiono K. Saputra, MSc 1995 (Chemical Engineering, Manchester): Development of Inclined Tube Settlers for a Seabed Rawwater Injection System

Andreas Scherrieble, MSc 1996 (Chemical Engineering, Manchester): Modelling the Activity of Sulphate-reducing Bacteria in a Packed Bed Bioreacto

Amy Buckingham, BSc 2013 (Natural Sciences, MMU): The Viability of River Restoration Options for Jibcroft Brook, Warrington, Cheshire

Sunday Ochella, MSc 2014 (School of Engineering, Aberdeen): Determination of a Reliability Prediction Methodology for a Novel Permanent Well Abandonment Plug. [This disseration won the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS) student prize 2013-2014]


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