Dr Bethan Harries

Honorary Research Fellow

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Bethan's research interests are in racism and ethnicity, youth and young adulthood, urban citizenship, nationalism, ethnography and creative arts engagement.




Devolving race? Examining the impact of localism and devolution on ethnic minorities in Britain

The project looks at how different forms of devolution contribute to and are affected by shifting narratives of nationalism and understandings of citizenship and carry the potential to shape new forms of inclusion and exclusion. It is doing this through qualitative research, working with residents, organisations that represent ethnic minorities and members of local and regional government.


For more info: http://www.mui.manchester.ac.uk/research/projects/devo-manc/



The lived experience of race over time, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE)

This project is based on an extensive range of interviews in Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and Newham. 


For more info: www.Ethnicity.ac.uk  



Conversations about radicalisation

Conversations about radicalisation is a collaboration between young people, school staff, interdisciplinary researchers, and creative artists, that focuses on developing an inclusive and open discussion about how schools approach extremism that speaks to, and is led by, young people. The outputs of this project, including narrative art, video, lyrics and posters, co-produced by the participants, will challenge current approaches.


For more information: http://www.law.manchester.ac.uk/cccj/research/projects/policing-security-and-citizenship/conversations-about-radicalisation/  



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