Dr Ben Parkes

Research Fellow (Ekpe Research Impact)

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Research interests

I am familiar with technical computing in MATLAB, including large dataset analysis, plotting and mapping. I have also used several crop models, GLAM, ORCHIDEE-Crop and APSIM. I typically run crop models as part of future climate simulations to identify vulnerable regions and assess the efficacy of adaptation methods.

When not working on agriculture I have an interest in other climate impacts, including heat stress impact on people. In this topic I analyse climate model outputs and estimate the intensity and frequency of heat stress events in the developing world.

My current project title is "Climate resilient livelihoods" whereby I am focusing on providing information to policy makers to reduce vulnerability of people in the developing world to climate shocks. One aspect of this includes using crop residue as a source of bioenergy.

As an intense user of data from models, I am interested in uncertainties and am keenly aware of the value of bias correction.

Below is list of project ideas I'm looking to collaborate on:

  • Mixed low air quality and heat stress events
  • Bioenergy from crops and crop residue
  • Bias correction methods as a source of uncertainty



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