Dr Ben Amies

Academic Clinical Fellow

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Research interests

After initially undertaking qualitative research in Medical Education, I have now turned to using quantitative methods. My recent research involved collaborating with colleagues at the Centre for Health Economics. This focussed on the trends in mental health that took place during the recent financial crisis and following dramatic social changes. This was my first introduction to econometric methods and advanced statistical software. 

My broad research interests are in using traditional Public Health perspectives such as preventative care and lifecourse approaches for measuring how well markets support and deliver health and wellbeing. I think there are huge undeveloped opportunities in deriving wellbeing through evidence-based economic and social policy. For me the biggest of these lie in the labour market and food chain. For example - is there more wellbeing delivered or removed through the sugar industry, in what forms, and for whom? Does labour market deregulation improve or damage health, and for whom? 

My academic inspirations follow on from thought leaders such as David Stuckler, Joseph Stiglitz and Anthony Atkinson. 

Publications – conferences

  • Capps J, Amies B, Duck A et al; Quality of life and adverse effects in patients taking pirfenidone for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting; 5-7 Dec 2013; London, UK
  • R Frank, B Amies, J Capps et al; Factors influencing mortality in IPF patients treated with pirfenidone British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting; 5-7 Dec 2013; London, UK
  • Amies B; What do students want from GP placements? Plenary; North-West GP Tutor Conference; 4 Nov 2010; Manchester, UK
  • Lindley R, Amies B, Ream J, et al; Getting feedback about community placements in undergraduate medical education: Do we all hear the same thing? Short Communication; ASME Annual Scientific Meeting; July 2010, Cambridge, UK
  • Amies B, Lindley R, Ream J et al; Successful community placements in undergraduate medicine; Short Communication; AMEE International Conference; 4-8 Sept 2010; Glasgow, UK
  • Amies B, Byrne G; Student conceptions of teaching and learning on a PBL course; Poster; Proceedings of the 14th Ottawa Conference on the Assessment of Competence in Medicine and the Healthcare Professions; 15-20 May 2010; Miami, USA
  • Amies B, Byrne G; Student understanding of PBL theory is key to success; Postgrad Research in Science-Medicine, Northwest; 30 Oct 2009; Manchester, UK


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