Dr Barry Cheetham

Honorary Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

  • Voice processing for VoIP and high quality 'voice-over-wireless LAN' (VoWLAN) for converged enterprise networks.
  • Coding of speech for VoIP and mobile communications
  • Computer network technology for distance learning
  • Speech technology (speech coding, analysis and synthesis)
  • Implementation of speech processing algorithms on an asynchronous DSP core
  • Digital signal processing applied to the acoustical analysis of musical performance
  • Digital signal processing applied to the analysis am monitoring of biomedical signals (pulmonary sounds analysis)
I have held about 25 research grants, including 5 EPSRC and 2 EU grants including a European 'concerted action'. I supervised 29 successful Ph.D. projects, and had long term involvement with a number of communications companies including BT. I have published 1 book, 2 book chapters, 27 journal papers, 40 international conference papers, 20 colloquium papers, 9 abstracts, 3 articles and have been responsible for four patents held by BT.I have extensive teaching and administrational experience including that of being instigator and Director of an M.Sc.(Eng.) Course in Telecommunications and Micro-electronic Systems. I also set up and ran a short course for industry on 'Digital Signal Processing'. I have been a member and chairman of the IEE E10 "Circuits & Systems" professional group committee, a member of IEE Divisional Board, Premiums Committees, and other professional groups. I have been external examiner for 21 Ph.D. and two M.Phil projects, and have served on the organising committee for major international conferences: including ECCTD'89 , IEEE ISCAS'94 and ILSA'97 and ICLSP'98.


Research and projects

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