Dr Arijit De

Assistant Professor in Management Science

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Real-World Supply Chain and Freight Transportation

Arijit was associated as a Co-Investigator for VALUMICS (https://valumics.eu/), which received funding (€318,555) from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 72724. Developed Operation Research based models for Real-World Supply Chain Problems to enable decision makers to evaluate policy impacts on food value chains. The research work is published on Transportation Research Part E.

Arijit worked on a UK-India Education and Research Initiative UKIERI-UGC funded Project "Advanced Analytics for Green and Resilient Supply Chain Decision Making". Grant Contract Number: UGC UKIERI 2016-17-067. He developed a conceptual framework based on Intuitionistic fuzzy set theory to evaluate Supply Chain Organization's sustainable performance. The work is published on Annals of Operations Research.

Arijit assisted number of organizations such as Ocean SupremeFadne etc. as part of the consultancy support for resolving real-world supply chain problem. Arijit addressed complex Inventory Management and Freight Transportation problem comprising of multiple stakeholders and published the work on International Journal of Production Economics. Moreover, Arijit addressed Sustainable Freight Transportation network problem considering cross-docks and published on International Journal of Production Research. Furthermore, Arijit investigated the Sustainable Freight Transport performance of third-party logistics service providers within automobile industry and published the work on International Journal of Production Research.

Moreover, Arijit carried out a research work aiming to determine the pricing strategy for two supply chain members such as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Independent Remanufacturer (IR) focussing on producing remanufactured products. The work is published on International Journal of Production Research.

Maritime Transportation and Shipping Operations

Arijit worked on a European Union EuropeAid - funded project EU-India Research & Innovation Partnership for Efficient and Sustainable Freight Transportation (REINVEST). Some of the research works on topics such as Maritime Transportation, Bunker Fuel Management and Port Operations, obtained out of this project are published in reputed journals such as European Journal of Operational Research, Annals of Operation Research and IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. Arijit's expertise can be further highlighted, as he published research works on Sustainable Ship Routing and Scheduling in reputed journals such as Computers and Industrial Engineering and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

At University of Hong Kong, Arijit's research was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China and The University of Hong Kong through the Seed Fund for Basic Research. Arijit carried out research within Sustainable Shipping Operations addressing Disruption aspect within Maritime Logistics. The works are published on IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems and IEEE Transactions on Engineering management.

Other Projects

Arijit developed a decision support framework considering ontology-based text mining and self organising maps for analysing the customer warranty data related to product failure information. The work is published on Computers and Industrial Engineering. The reserch work received funding from Raytheon Chair for Systems Engineering.

Arijit has the experience of using following software and tools for various practical research works - IBM CPLEX, OPL, JAVA Eclipse, Python, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS and Power BI.

Arijit is a regular contributor to London School of Economics (LSE) Business Review. Refer to the latest policy piece on Quad Supply Chain.


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