Prof Anthony Goodacre

Professor of Computer Architectures

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Research interests

Having defined and introduced the ARM multicore processors with its novel two level coherence and processor integration scheme, along with the subsequent big.LITTLE concept and software, John’s interests have moved on to how to scale such technology into the data-centre and high-performance applications in general.

With a keen eye on the commercial aspects for any exploitation, he has initiated and been involved in various EU funded consortium in the furthering of the ARM technology towards these goal. John was technical director of an FP7 headline project EUROSERVER that focused on research and innovation across the adoption of ARM technology through nanotechnology integration, a new software memory paradigm and heterogeneous runtimes, while maintaining extreme scalability and compatibility goals across various market segments, an approach that is now being used to deliver on the need for exascale level computation in projects funded by H2020 to over 40M euro.

In addition to the power efficient scalability aspect of rich multi-class heterogeneous hardware systems, he is also involved in projects around associated re-targetable and semantically aware software runtime and associated support in the advancement of compiler technology.

Currently he provide a research vision and technical leadership across a number of project from transistor level to exascale HPC system design. 

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