Prof Anthony Bebbington

Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

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I am interested in supervising doctoral research students working on topics related to: social movements, NGOs, civil society, natural resource extraction, environmental conflicts, poverty and livelihoods, multilateral development organizations, and culture, politics and development. 

I am especially committed to working with students whose research interests lie in Latin America, who work at the boundary of research and activism but aspire to research careers, and who work across disciplinary boundaries.

Research Students:

My recent PhD students now hold tenured/tenure track academic positions (University of California, Syracuse University, Edinburgh University) or research and teaching positions (University of Manchester, University of Colorado, Crested Butte Academy).

  • Leonith Hinojosa Valencia (Ph.D. 2006) Institutions, Markets and Economic Development in the Southern Peruvian Andes.  Became Research and Teaching Fellow, University of Manchester
  • Scott Nelson (PhD, 2006) Emerging Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the Field of Agri-Biotechnology: ICRISAT and the Remaking of Indian Agriculture.
  • Elizabeth Olson (Ph.D, 2005.) 'Religion, livelihoods and development in post-conflict Peru', Became Lecturer, Department of Geography, Edinburgh University.
  • Donna Rubinoff (Ph.D, 2004) 'Cybernetworking and rural development in Latin America', Became Lecturer, University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Jeffrey Bury (Ph.D, 2001) 'Transnational corporations and livelihood transformation', Peru, Became Assistant Professor of Geography, University of California at Santa Cruz.
  • Thomas Perreault (Ph.D. 1999) 'Cultural identity and resource management in Ecuador', Became Associate Professor of Geography, Syracuse University.
  • Jorge Castro, working on rural territorial development, armed conflict and peace in the Magdalena Medio, Colombia (supervised with Phil Woodhouse).
  • Ximena Warnaars, working on mining conflicts in lowland Ecuador (supervised with Penny Harvey).
  • George Holmes, working on resistance to protected areas in the Dominican Republic (supervised with Dan Brockington).
  • Johan Oldekop, working on conservation, sustainability and ecological modelling in Ecuador (supervised with Richard Preziosi) is now Senior Lecturer at the Global Development Institute 
  • Eric James, working on relationships between humanitarian organizations and the military in Afghanistan (supervised with Tim Jacoby).
  • Kirsten Howarth, working on post-conflict violence in El Salvador (supervised with Tim Jacoby)
  • Maura Duffy, working on Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: Power to the People? (supervised with Tanja Mueller).
  • Rory Stanton, working on development programming and diaspora communities  (supervised with Uma Kothari) is now Programme Co-Director & Lecturer in Human Resource Development at the Global Development Institute. 
  • Jean David, sustainable agriculture in Guyana (supervised with Wendy Olsen)