Dr Annette Allen

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Ambient light varies on an extraordinary scale as we transition from night to day (>9 orders of magnitude), and yet we are as capable of viewing the world at twilight as when lit by the midday sun. A fundamental aim in vision science is to understand how this is achieved. We know that profound changes occur within the retina over this daily cycle - but what mechanisms coordinate these changes with the daily cycle in light energy? My own research has revealed that throughout changing ambient light levels, the response of neurons to the same stimulus can change dramatically, yet perception is remarkably stable. How do we reconcile these observations? My Research at the University of Manchester aims to address these questions, combining my expertise in in the development of bespoke lighting/display architecture, with anatomical, physiological and behavioural assays of vision. A direct impact of that research is improved insight into how ambient/artificial lighting and displays can be used to optimise visual experience and/or ameliorate the subconscious effects of light over the course of the day.

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains

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