Dr Anna Gilchrist

Lecturer in Environmental Management and Ecology

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Research interests

Anna's research interests span the natural and social sciences, and are centred on the structure and function of ecology and ecosystems at the landscape scale, particularly within urban environments. This research is particularly focused on biodiversity and ecosystem responses to environmental change and the pressures that are created under changing socio-political conditions. This interest also encompasses the human-nature interactions within urban environments and the way in which mutual benefits can be achieved through sensitive management. Anna's research has explored how the management of protected sites can exacerbate competing interests of different ecosystem services, which demonstrated the risk that cultural services can be undermined because of other objectives; the role of public protest in trying to shape the management of an urban greenspace and how this can lead to an ecological misrepresentation or ‘faux-ecology’; and the range expansion response of butterflies to climate change and the implications for developing an appropriate institutional response.


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