Ms Anna Donten

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Research interests

Anna’s research activity is mainly focused on developing and programming models used for economic evaluations of health interventions. She is also interested in mathematical optimisation and its uses in evaluations of stratified medicine.

Anna is currently involved in two projects. In STOpFrac project, her role is to design, program and populate a Discrete Event Simulation Model for economic evaluation of the opportunistic screening for vertebral fractures using new, fully automated tool.

In a NIHR funded project, she is working on conceptualisation of a model structure for economic evaluation of the Next Generation Sequencing in diagnosing congenital cataracts.

Anna is also working with Dr Ewan Gray and Prof. Katherine Payne on a novel method of identifying the optimal stratified screening programme within the cost-effectiveness analysis framework. The TARDIS (Time Allocation and Risk-dependent DIstribution of Screens) method uses algorithms based on dynamic programming to assign the number of screens for each individual depending on their risk level, and to optimally allocate the screening times.

Methodological knowledge

  • Model-based economic evaluations
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Algorithmics and computer programming (primarily in R)
  • Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Other research

Anna was previously working on ASSURE project (Adapting Breast Cancer Screening Strategy Using Personalised Risk Estimation). Her role in ASSURE consisted of contributing to the design, programming and population of a mathematical model to simulate personalised breast cancer screening.


Research and projects

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