Dr Ann Whittle

Lecturer in Philosophy

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Research interests

I work primarily in the area of Metaphysics, but my work from there spans to cover some aspects of the Philosophy of Mind and Ethics. My PhD, and work for some time after, focused primarily on the nature of properties, causal powers and causation. I also have a long standing interest in how our agency can be accommodated in the natural world. In particular, I have research interests in the areas of mental causation, free will and moral responsibility.

In the academic year 2011-2012, I was the recipeient of an AHRC research award. During this period, I worked on a paper defending substance causation, as well as looking into the nature of abilities and ceteris paribus conditions on moral responsibility. I am currently writing a book on free will and the nature of abilities.

For more detailed information about the content of my published papers, please visit  my PhilPapers profile

Postgraduate Supervision

I am keen to work with students interested in the following areas:

  • Causation, Causal Powers, and Laws of Nature.
  • Free Will, Abilities.
  • Moral Responsibility

See our postgraduate funding page for information on current opportunities.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display