Prof Ann WakefieldPhD MSc RGN RMN RCNT RNT Cert Ed PFHEA

Professor of Nursing Education

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Research interests

Ethnomethodology and Qualitative Research Methods

As part of her Doctoral work grounded in ethnomethodological principles Ann uncovered the ordinariness of everyday surgical nursing activities to make them visible to those practitioners working in the field (Wakefield 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002). This work also explored the processes nurses on general wards used to manage the dying patient. As ethnomethodology is a relatively novel research method within nursing, Ann specifically wrote a paper outlining the difficulties, benefits, and rigours of using such methods within nursing research (Wakefield 2000).

Education Practice Related experience

Ann is currently supervising a PhD thesis exploring how educational institutes in Scotland manage student will defined learning difficulties both in the academic and practice environment, and has previously examined the role of the preceptor in the development of newly qualified staff nurses.

Interprofessional/Multiprofessional Education

This is an area of research that Ann first started to explore in 1999, since then she has undertaken a series of educational research projects examining the effect of bringing nursing, medical and other healthcare students together to learn within an interactive collaborative framework (Cooke et al 2003, 2003, Tucker et al 2003, Wakefield et al 2003, 2003, Furber et al 2004, Wakefield et al 2006).

Patient Safety

Ann has been a supervisor students who have specifically examined issues related to related to patient safety within the clinic setting in Spain and in a hospital setting in Saudi Arabia. This second PhD thesis specifically examined Factors Contributing to Errors in Nursing Practice in Saudi Arabia ate exploring the patient safety and its effect on patient outcomes.

Moreover Ann has previously been part of a team of researchers exploring the impact of using a blended e-learning approach to the teaching of patient safety and Root Cause Analysis a project entitled A Blended Approach to Patient Safety Education, Training & Development: Requirements for an Evaluation Study an area of research she would like to develop further.

Research interests

Patient Safety

Interprofessional Education

Research Related to Nursing Education

Students Perceptions of HCA’s

Sociology of Nursing Work and Social Organisations

Death and Dying

Breaking Bad News

Methodological knowledge

Research Topic Keywords:

  • Ethnomethodology
  • Case Study
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Qualitative Methods


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