Dr Angela Torresan

Lecturer in Visual Anthropology

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Research interests

I My main ethnographic and theoretical interest lies on processes of emergence, maintenance and revitalization of identities in situations of physical and cognitive movement, and cultural change. I am also interested in the use of film in ethnographic research, as a catalyst of social relationships and an instrument for the development of anthropological knowledge.
I have done research on middle-class Brazilian migration to London for my Masters degree and went on to study the post-colonial context of Brazilian migration to Lisbon for my doctoral research. I have explored the ways in which migrants reconfigured their ideas of home and belonging to a nation state through the new social relationships they developed in postcolonial migration.
I workded on the process of gentrification in a pacified favela in Rio de Janeiro, Vidigal, which resulted from a securitisation policy to pacify favelas launched in anticipation to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic games, called UPP. My current attention, after the failure of the UPP in Rio and the current political context in Brazil, has turned to the return of police violence and processes of resistance. I believe that the validity of academic research on the urban poor rests on their interest in the knowledge we produce and how it can in fact help them advance their own agendas.



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