Prof Andy Sharrocks BSc, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biology

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 Andy Sharrocks

 Principal Investigator




      Shen-Hsi Yang

      Senior research scientist

      Enhancer activation mechanisms during embronic stem cell differentiation.


  Zoulfia Darieva


  Signal-dependent transcriptional control mechanisms


   Samantha Carrera


   Signal-dependent transcriptional control mechanisms


Zongling Ji


Transcription factor- chromatin regulatory complex interplay in human embryonic stem cells


Danielle Owen


SUMO-dependent regulators of chromatin and transcription


Yaoyong Li


Bioinformatics analysis of gene regulatory mechanisms


   Connor Rogerson

   PhD student

   Transcriptional control networks in oesophageal cancer


   Rotem Lesham

   PhD student

   SUMO-dependent activities of chromatin regulatory complexes


   Sam Ogden

   PhD student

   RTK signalling networks in oesophageal cancer


 Will Bleaney

 PhD student

 The regulatory chromatin landscape in oesophageal cancer



Guanhua Yan

Research technician





Nineteen PhD students have trained in the lab and 15 of these went on to further research posts after completing their PhDs. Three of these now run their own research groups. Others have established careers in public engagement, clinical trials coordination and clinical practice. Three MD students have also trained in the lab and all have gone on to further their clinical careers as consultants. In addition, 18 Postdocs have trained in the lab, and four of these have gone on to establish their own research groups.