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Supervision information

Tyson, Margaret Qualification: MPH (Epidemiology) Thesis Title: The impact of BMI on cancer incidence in various worldwide populations in different World Bank Income Groupings Year of Award: 2009

Key achievement: Main paper in Lancet

Park, Ed Qualification: MD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: The measurement and clinical impact of hepatic steatosis in patients undergoing resection for colorectal liver metastases  Year of Award: 2013

Key achievement: 4 papers and AUGIS oral presentation prize

Coe, Peter Qualification: PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: Validation and early qualification of pancreatic fat deposition as an imaging biomarker of pancreatic cancer risk  Year of Award: 2015

Key achievement: 2 papers

Badrick, Ellena Qualification: PhD (Non-Clinical Statistics) Thesis Title: Exploring the complex and paradoxical relationships between Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and cancer, as a framework for risk prediction models   Year of Award: 2017

Key achievement: 2 papers; book chapter and letters

Sekhar, Hema Qualification: PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: Large-scale (re)evaluation of the relationships between imaging, tumour and nodal staging and oncological outcome in patients with anal cancer  Year of Award: 2017

Key achievement: 1 main paper in Lancet Oncology, several papers in prepataion and MMS prize

Hashmi, Ali Qualification: MRes Oncology Thesis Title: The impact of HIV on the aetiology and treatment of anal cancer  Year of Award: 2016

Key achievement: Manuscript in preparation

Fish, Rebecca Qualification: PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: Development of a core outcome set for trials of chemoradiotherapy for anal squamous cell carcinoma  Year of Award: 2018

Key achievement: 4 papers including main paper in Lancet Gastro Hepat, BJS prize and Faculty Student of the Year Award

Alam, Nasra Qualification: PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: The impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on cancer-related mortality and cancer treatment outcomes using large-scale datasets  Year of Award: Current

Key achievement: MCRC fellowship scheme, manuscripts in preparation and Letters

Watson, Charlotte  Qualification: PhD (Non-Clinical Statistics) Thesis Title: Adulthood BMI trajectories and cancer risk: a consortium approach to test generalisability and develop standardised methodology  Year of Award: Current

Parmar, Kat Qualification: MD/PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: The role of two novel assessment tools of hepatic function and composition in the surgical treatment of colorectal liver metastases  Year of Award: Current

Key achievement: 1 paper

Spiller, William  Qualification: MRes Oncology  Thesis Title: The joint contribution of repeatedly measured body mass index and waist circumference to cancer incidence: insights from the EPIC-Heidelberg cohort Year of Award: Current

Slawinksi, Corinna  Qualification: PhD (Clinical Surgery) Thesis Title: Dose reductions, toxicities and survival in patients with excess weight undergoing adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy for colon and rectal cancers: individual patient data (IPD) secondary analyses of consortium trials and causal inference modelling  Year of Award: Current

Key achievement: MCRC fellowship scheme

Carragher, Fiona  Qualification: DClinSci  Thesis Title: Validating novel diagnostic tools in primary care for the early detection of symptomatic colorectal cancer Year of Award: Current

Student Theses

  1. 2016
  2. Validation and early qualification of pancreatic fat deposition as an imaging biomarker of pancreatic cancer risk

    Author: Coe, P., 31 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Renehan, A. (Supervisor), Williams, S. R. (Supervisor) & O'Reilly, D. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctor of Medicine