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  • British Liquid Crystal Society
  • Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

My general field of interest is the theory and modelling of soft matter - i.e. liquids, liquid crystals, colloidal supension, polymers and gels. The basic idea is to be able to predict the properties of a material from a knowledge of the molecules that make it up - i.e. the field of statistical mechanics.

I work in the multi-scale modelling group in the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, University of Manchester. The people currently working with me are:

  • Dr Simon Halstead (PDRA)
  • Mr Thomas Bourne (PhD)
  • Mr Junju Mu (PhD)
  • Ms Iniobong Ekang  (MPhil)

Current projects include:

  1. Simon Halstead is working on an EPSRC-funded project on the extraction of rare-earths from waste using ionic liquids.This is jointly with Dr Maria Gonzalez-Miquel and Dr Megan Jobson of CEAS and Dr Hongyan Chen (PDRA). the aim is to develop a flow-sheet model of this extraction process, feeding in molecular information from molecular dynamics simulation and statistical mechanical theory.
  2. Tom Bourne has just submitted a PhD on the virial series, in particular showing how the virial series may be used to predict fluid structure and on ways of resumming the series to extend its range of applicability.
  3. Junju Mu is doing a PhD looking at the structure of the organic phase in the PUREX process for the extraction of actinides from nuclear waste.
  4. With Michael Seaton (STFC) and Patrick Warren (Unilever Research) we are seeking to develop new dissipative particle dynamics models that include dielectric effects and can model both hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions with the correct underlying science.


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