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Postgraduate Opportunities

To date I have supervised 15 PhD student to completion and currently have a group of 1 PDRA, 2 PhD students and I MPhil student currently working with me. Some details of their work is listed under "my research interests".

I welcome enquiries from prospective postgraduate students interested in those research fields, but here are some other topics which I am offering:

  1. The theory of glasses. Mode-coupling is the currently favoured theory fro treating the glass transition and it has made some startlingly impressive predictions. For example it predicted that if one took a glass of hard spheres and then added more and more small particles, the glass would first melt but then would revert to a glass again, but a glass with a different structure. These predictions were later borne out experimentally. All previous work, however, has been done on spheres. This project, however, would be to examine rods, for then one has the interesting coupling between totational and translational motion of the rods and the possibility of nematic crystalline ordering.
  2. Theories of liquid structure. In collaboration with Mike Allen in Warwick, we have just finished a research project on developing theory to predict the properties of liquid crystals using integral equations. The territory is rich, however, and there is much work we did not have time to complete. It would be very nice if we could pursue this research, still in its infancy, and develop and understanding of liquid crystals at a similar level to our understanding of normal liquids.