Prof Andrew ChamberlainBSc, MSc, PhD

Professor of Bioarchaeology

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Student Theses

  1. 2013
  2. The Role of the Lector (Xry-Hbt) in Ancient Egyptian Society

    Author: Forshaw, R., 31 Dec 2013

    Supervisor: Chamberlain, A. (Supervisor), David, A. (Supervisor) & Price, C. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  3. 2014
  4. 2015
  5. 2016
  6. 2017
  7. The evolution of human post-marital residence

    Author: Invernizzi, E., 1 Aug 2017

    Supervisor: Chamberlain, A. (Supervisor) & Gilman, T. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Master of Philosophy

  8. 2018
  9. Proteome Taphonomy: Biomolecular Investigations into the Process of Decay for Forensic and Archaeological Applications

    Author: Procopio, N., 31 Dec 2018

    Supervisor: Brown, T. (Supervisor), Buckley, M. (Supervisor) & Chamberlain, A. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd