Prof Andrew ChamberlainBSc, MSc, PhD

Professor of Bioarchaeology

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Andrew Chamberlain is Professor of Bioarchaeology in the Faculty of Life Sciences. He specialises in the study of human remains from archaeological sites (human osteoarchaeology). He also participates in research on a range of questions in biological anthropology, science-based archaeology and palaeodemography (the analysis of the structure and dynamics of past populations).

Human Osteoarchaeology and Biological Anthropology

Human skeletal remains have the potential to provide a wealth of valuable information about the origins and affinities, growth and development, diet, health and lifestyles of individuals in the historical and prehistoric past. The laboratory facilities at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology include extensive reference collections of human skeletal and mummified soft tissue remains and equipment for high-resolution surface scanning of osteological materials..

Demographic Methods in Archaeology 

The aim of our research in palaeodemography is to develop and apply new demographic methods for the analysis of assemblages from archaeological sites and to integrate this information with archaeological, ethnohistorical and palaeogenetic data.


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