Dr Andreja Zevnik

Senior Lecturer in International Politics

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Research interests

I am a committed interdisciplinary scholar; my main areas of research expertise fall in the intersection of political violence, politics of protest and political action, psychoanalysis and postcolonial theory and critical race theory. My research is driven by the question on how to think and perform politics differently. 

My current research aims to think about a resisting political subject from the prism of race and in doing so articulate a different political reality. This aim is translated into two projects, one concerns the theorisation of a resisting political subject in the context of black power. Whereas the other developing collaborative project aims to think of different participatory mechanisms for politically marginalised groups. Taking the history of black political resistance as a blue print the project will look at other marginalised groups such as e.g. the Rome communities in Central-Eastern Europe, the Aboriginal in Australia and the Native Americans to arrive to a different understanding of how political participation can be practiced and thought about.  



Research and projects

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