Dr Andrea Schalk


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Research interests

My research is concerned with the mathematical foundations of computer science, or, if you will, it is the area between mathematics and computer science. I am interested in modelling logics and (programming) languages, and mathematical structures that arise as such models. I am a member of the School of Computer Science, and I also have connections with the School of Mathematics. I work most closely with other members of the Mathematical Foundations Group.

My recent publications are concerned with various categorical models of linear logic, and with games. The former makes connections between mathematical entities called morphisms and proofs, and these in turn can sometimes be connected with programs, or algorithms. Ultimately we would like to have a mathematical understanding of computer programs in the way that we have a mathematical understanding of the various phenomena that physics talks about. On a more concrete level I have given specific models of progams and proofs using certain kinds of games which are known as graph games. All my work is theoretical, and so typical results consist of proofs that there is a correspondence between certain entities that exist in the mathematical model and proofs or programs.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display