Prof Ana Carden-Coyne

Professor of History

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Research interests

Specific research interests:

The main research interests include the following:

  • history and impact of displacement on artists and the use of the arts in building community resilience --and contemporary art gallery transformations in advancing community access and displaced artist opportunities
  • children's experiences of war and displacement
  • cultural impact of war, incl children, young people and heritage
  • war medicine & surgery
  • visual arts as a humanitarian and human rights project
  • memorialisation and commemoration,
  • social and cultural memory & trauma studies
  • sexuality, gender & queer studies
  • disability studies
  • war, pain & rehabilitation
  • museums and cultural heritage
  • visual culture of war and the ethics of representation
  • war photography and filmmaking

Other research

Current research projects:

Understanding Displacement Aesthetics and Making Change in the Art Gallery with Refugees, Migrants and Host Communities (AHRC, 2021-24).


PhD Supervision

Current students:

Jamie Farringdon ESRC case award with Quarry Bank Mill and medical collections

Peter Bjorkland on the history and memory of the Karen in Burma and the UK

Katherine Roberts, PhD on Nursing in WW2: compassionate care

Georgia Vesma, AHRC project on Women War Photographers in Vietnam

 Successful Completions:

Dr Gareth Crabtree PhD on the History of War GAmes, 18th century to the digital age

Dr Tom White PhD on the History of Albinism, 18th century to early 20th century

Dr Mark Crosher PhD on History and Memory of the Wood Street Mission and the British Welfare State

Dr Ben Knowles, PhD Reenactment and the Second World War: a documentary practice (practice based PhD)

Dr Lee Dixon, PhD The Vietnam War in the South

Dr Rey Gonzales PhD on the history of martial arts in the Philippines

Dr Yang Zhao Mediating the Second World War in China (pratice based doco film)

D Andrea del Campo  Rehabilitation in Chilean Mining Industry

Dr Katherine Reed Marking Migration: Graffiti on Ellis island



Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display