Prof Ali TuranBEng PhD


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  • Hydrodynamic stability theory
  • Direct and large-eddy simulation of non/reacting, multi-phase, turbulent flows
  • Re-normalisation group methods for turbulence, dynamical systems, flow ,heat and combustion control
  • Development of high-order numerical techniques for dis/continuous problems in complex geometries
  • Computational multi-scale multi-physics problems ranging from power generation to biophysical flows
  • Design , Development and Modelling of Advanced Energy Conversion Hardware and Cycles
  • Coupled neutron transport and LES thermal hydraulics capability development including extensive nume
  • Refined Multiphase flow modelling activity development including detailed investigations into LOCA
  • BWR power instabilities , modelling and prediction including nonlinear (Hopf Bifurcation, etc) analy
  • Optimization and safety issues delineation and prediction with new GEN3 and 4 reactor configurations
  • Space reactor design for propulsion
  • Downstream hardware design and development for stationary power generation.

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