Mr Alexander Thompson BSc, MSc

Research Fellow

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Research interests

I have a strong interest in methods of economic evaluation for precision (or stratified or personalised) medicine. I completed the first trial-based economic evaluation of a pharmacogenetic test to be published (see Thompson et al., 2014). With Katherine Payne, I have written on the methods of economic evaluation for complex interventions (see: as well as methods of economic evaluation for stratified medicine (see Payne & Thompson, 2013).

I currently work with a multi-disciplinary group of experts in precision medicine at the MRC funded Manchester molecular pathology node: Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC). As the Research Fellow in Health Economics at the node I am seeking to generate health economics evidence to encourage the use of precision medicine (molecular-level biomarkers) into the NHS. I am seeking to understand the appropriate evaluative framework and evidence requirements for novel biomarkers to be introduced into clinical practice.

I am also interested in the economics and policy implications of patients having multiple conditions simultaneously, otherwise known as “multimorbidity”. I have recently finished working on an NIHR HS&DR project designed to develop new methods to improve how clinical guidelines, such as those produced by NICE, can work for patients with multimorbidity. My work for the project focused on the burden associated with long-term preventative treatment and the impact this burden can have on likely cost-effectiveness. I will soon be working on a follow-up NIHR project looking to quantify robust measures of this long-term burden, called direct treatment disutility, using choice experiments.

My broader interest in the economics of multimorbidity prompted me to begin a PhD in October 2012, which I am undertaking on a part-time basis. 

Methodological knowledge

  • Economic evaluations of precision medicine
  • Economic evaluations of complex interventions
  • The economics of multimorbidity
  • Decision-analytic modelling and trial-based evaluation
  • Budget impact modelling


Research and projects

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