Prof Alexander Samely

Professor of Jewish Thought

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Religions and Theology, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, Samuel Alexander Buliding
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL
Tel. (0)161-2753072


MA in Philosophy Frankfurt 1985, MSt in Jewish Studies in the Graeco-Roman Period Oxford 1984, DPhil Oriental Studies (Targums) Oxford 1989. I led a major AHRC project on the "Typology of Pseudepigraphic and Anonymous Jewish Literature c.200 BCE to 700 CE" between 2007 and 2012. It produced a new approach to the description of ancient Jewish literature, the so-called Manchester-Durham Inventory.

See for the Manchester-Durham Inventory of literary description online (as html): 

For more than 200 ancient Jewish works profiled according to the Inventory and linked through the databse, see:

And for a description of the project, see :

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Link: Centre for Jewish Studies

I am an editor of the monograph series Studia Judaica published by Walter de Gruyter (Berlin), together with Charlotte Fonrobert (Stanford), Elisabeth Hollender (Frankfurt), Günter Stemberger (Vienna) and Irene Zwiep (Amsterdam).

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