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Alexander Premet is a Professor of Pure Mathematics and a member of the Algebra Group within the Pure Mathematics Unit.

 He got his PhD degree at the Institute of Mathematics of the Byelorussian Academy of Sciences (Minsk, 1984). Until the early 90s he worked at the Mathematics Institute in Minsk as a Senior Research Fellow. In the early 90s Alexander held visiting (research and teaching) positions at University of California at Riverside and University of Hamburg.

While in Riverside he proved the long-standing Kac-Weisfeiler conjecture. His paper on this subject received a Featured Review in Mathematical Reviews (reviewer Victor Kac). In Hamburg Alexander started along-term collaboration with Professor Helmut Strade aimed at classifying all finite dimensional simple Lie algebras over fields of characteristic p>3. This goal was achieved in 2007.  In 2010, he constructed first counterexamples to the Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture (from 1966) in the class of finite dimensional simple Lie algebras.

In 1995 Alexander came to Manchester as a Lecturer and in 1998 was promoted to a Personal Chair (Algebra). Since 2007 he is a Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

Alexander published over 50 research articles in refereed journals and delivered short lecture courses on his results in Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Switzerland. He addressed over 70 international conferences and gave seminar and colloquium talks in about 60 Universities worldwide.

Alexander held short-term visiting positions in Brasil (USP-Sao Paolo), Germany (MPI-Bonn), UK (INI-Cambridge), Japan (RIMS-Kyoto), USA (MSRI-Berkeley, twice) and China (ECNU-Shanghai).

During 2005-2011 Alexander was an editorial adviser for the London Mathematical Society. During 2001-2003 he was on the Editorial Board of Journal of Algebra. Since 2008 he is on the Editorial Board of Transformation Groups. Currently he is one of the managing editors of Transformation Groups.


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