Prof Albena Yaneva

Chair (Professor Architectural Theory)

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Current PhD Students

2018 – Simon Mitchell (AHRC scholarship) "Rethinking the Bauhaus Architectural Heritage: Logics of Valuation Through Collecting, Archiving, and Exhibiting" (1st supervisor)

2018 – Alexandra Arenes – (SEED scholarship) "Architectural Design at the Time of Anthropocene: A Gaia-graphic Approach to the Critical Zones" (1st supervisor)

2017 – Ben Blackwell (AHRC – TNW scholarship)  "Building a Graphene City: Infrastructuring a new Urban Ecology in Manchester" (2nd supervisor)

2017 – Demetra Kourri (SEED and Presidential scholarship) "Unfolding the Blanka Controversy: A Tunnel of Many Worlds"(1st supervisor)

2016 - Brett Mommertseeg (SEED scholarship award)  "Variations of a Building: an Ontological Politics of Architecture”(1st supervisor)

2016 - Fadi Shayya (Faculty scholarship award) “Material Politics of De/Militarization. Transfer of Military Technology and the Scripting of the Urban” (1st supervisor)

2016 - Stylianos Zavos (SEED scholarship award) “The Social Life of Buildings: Architect(ure) Revisited through a Greek Popular Housing Type”  (1st supervisor)

2014 – Amy Hanley “Programme-Space Types: Significant Change and Augmented Realities” (1st supervisor)


Completed PhD Students


2015-2019 Garrett Wolf (SEED scholarship) ”Demodernization and Development: Transformations of Uzbek Urbanism in the Making” (2nd supervisor)

2013-2016 Jeremy James (SEED scholarship award) “Lagos Global Project. Architecture and Urban Complexity”  (1st supervisor)

2012-2016 Yu Yoshii “The Role of the Alleyway in East Asia: Forms of Everyday Urban Life in Contemporary China and Japan" (1st supervisor)

2012-2016 Athena Moustaka “Reading Comfort Through the Material Agency of Concrete” (2nd supervisor)

2012 – 2016 Ahlam Sharif “The Transferability of Sustainable Design Concepts: The Case of Masdar Eco-City” (1st supervisor)

2012 – 2015 Paul Gottschling (SEED scholarship award) “Competition, Procurement, and the Everyday Design Practices of British Architects” (1st supervisor)

2010-2014 Övgü Pelen, “Living Sites: Rethinking the Social Trajectory of the Tophane Area in Istanbul” (1st supervisor)

2010-2013 Reyhan Sabri, “Rethinking the Past: An Analytic Methodology for Conservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Cyprus” (2st supervisor)

2009-2013 Liam Heaphy: “The Politics of Urban Heat: The Role of Modelling in Translating Urban Climate into Policy(1st supervisor)

2008–2012 Julie Crawshaw, “Beyond Targets: Articulating the Roles of Public Art in Support of Sustainable Communities” (1st supervisor)

2006-2010 Jan Fischer, “Sustaining Buildings: Designers as Intermediaries for Carbon Neutral Futures” (2nd supervisor)

2010-2012 Yasser Zarei, “The Challenges of Parametric Design in Architecture Today: Mapping the Design Practice" (1st supervisor - MPhil dissertation)