Prof Alan Warde

Professor of Sociology

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Research interests

Keywords: Consumption, cultural sociology, economic sociology, food and eating, social networks, social and cultural capital, social stratification, sustainable consumption.

Current substantive work is concerned with:

  • consumer politics, habits and sustainable consumption;
  • the sociology of eating, particularly change in habits in Britain, France and the USA;
  • the sociology of consumption, especially the changing patterns of cultural consumption in the UK and the emergence of consumer culture in Europe;
  • cultural omnivorousness;
  • social capital, social networks and their role in class formation and cultural consumption;
  • cultural capital, distinction and cultural practice in comparative perspective;
  • social class analysis;
  • the analysis of social change.

Current theoretical concerns include theories of consumption, the work of Pierre Bourdieu, theories of practice and their application, conventions theory, and field theory. Methodological approaches in use in recent projects include case studies, documentary research, sequence analysis, social network analysis and comparative analysis. Techniques include sample surveys, multiple correspondence analysis, observation, in-depth and key informant interviews, life histories and content analysis.

Current research projects
2014-17 ‘Eating Out in the UK: a replication study’, with Dale Southerton and Jessica Paddock, funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester.

2012-15 Eating habits in Britain and France, with Isabelle Darmon, Luke Yates


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display